AffiliateWP – Checkout Referrals WordPress Plugin

License: GPL
Updated: 04-07-2021
Version: 1.1

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AffiliateWP – Checkout Referrals
AffiliateWP Checkout Referrals permits a consumer after pick out an branch at checkout (via a select menu yet an enter field) whichever intention after get hold of commission over that purchase.
It’s especially beneficial for websites whose affiliates are NPO (Nonprofit organizations). A client may pick and put to the NPO at checkout, or so much NPO desire obtain a commission concerning the sale. If an group link is meanwhile existence tracked (e.g. /?ref=123), the arm listing yet enter discipline is no longer proven at checkout.
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Shows a select menu then input field at checkout (but only now a referral hyperlink is now not used) up to expectation lets in a client in conformity with pick an affiliate and key-in the group ID yet username so much their purchase pleasure remain credited to
Adds a fee be aware in imitation of the kilter screen displaying the referral ID, amount recorded because of affiliate, and affiliate’s name
Optionally require that the patron pick an part at checkout
Select how much the associates lie displayed into the pick out menu
Select what textual content is shown over the pick out menu/input area at checkout.