AffiliateWP – External Referral Links WordPress Plugin

License: GPL
Updated: 10-07-2021
Version: 1.1.2

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AffiliateWP – External Referral Links
Are you the use of AffiliateWP but have another WordPress-based website online you would like associates according to promote? If so, then this free add-on is because you.
Let’s say thou hold 2 websites, SiteA.com then SiteB.com:
This is the place AffiliateWP or your chosen eCommerce/membership system is in the meantime installed.
This is where thou choice set up the External Referral Links add-on over a definitely analyse internet site along its own installation over WordPress. It has been embark up in imitation of flourish your merchandise and/or features over SiteA.com or only acts as much a advertising and marketing site.
You inform your affiliates in conformity with honor SiteB.com and they walk ahead then quantity their referral link, which wish commonly look kind of certain regarding the following:


Note: External Referral Links solely factory together with non-pretty part links.
A consumer clicks over the affiliate’s referral hyperlink or arrives of siteB.com. They are certainly extremely joyful together with where they see or click one on you a number of “call in accordance with action” buttons or links. After arriving regarding SiteA.com the patron makes a purchase, you obtain a sale, and all and sundry is happy… yet are they?
The branch whichever at the start referred the patron did no longer acquire a commission over the sale – why is that?
This is sincerely due to the fact AffiliateWP is established on Site A, not Site B. When the client clicked over the link the affiliate shared, zero happened. There was once no articles regarding site B so much interpreted the affiliate’s ID or username among the URL.
You might assume so putting in AffiliateWP and thine eCommerce yet membership provision over Site B would remedy that problem. Since he are detach sites, she hold analyse databases, who ability solve data. In no course are the twain site’s records shared.
So how be able affiliates flourish website online B however get a fee of site A now the consumer purchases? The reply is fairly simple. By gathering the affiliate’s ID yet username beside the URL (including the referral variable) and shore it in accordance with some hyperlinks inside the website up to expectation link to site A.
This is exactly as External Referral Links does. It desire smoke the affiliate’s ID or username beside the URL and shop it as a cookie within the customer’s browser. Any link over website B to that amount hyperlinks after website online A desire afterward hold the part ID or username intact.
Since a cookie is used, the client may openly motion within pages about web page B or such will nonetheless link correctly. You may additionally embark the cookie’s expiry; proviso the consumer leaves the website or comes again later, that wish be aware as section referred them.