AMPforWP – Subdomain Endpoints for AMP WordPress Plugin

License: GPL
Updated: 23-06-2021
Version: 1.1.5


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It allows you to add your own custom AMP Endpoints as Subdomain.Using this extension you can customize the structure of AMP URL as per your requirement.


1. Set Subdomain As AMP URL

It will allow you to add your own Subdomain  as an AMP URL (amp.website.com)

2. Easy to shift AMP to the middle of the URL

It will even allow you to set AMP in the middle of the URL (website.com/amp/article/ )

3. Use any Custom Subdomain Name

While Placing the Subdomain you can use any custom subdomain name.

4. Easy Setup

Very easy setup you just need to set your custom endpoint.

5. Simple to use

We do have an option which allows you to enable/disable the endpoint support for your Websites. Once you set your custom endpoint and after saving the permalinks the url will be changed as per your set-up.