Gravity Perks – Blocklist WordPress Plugin

License: GPL
Updated: 12-06-2021
Version: 1.3.2


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What does it do?

This plugin allows you to validate a field’s value against the WordPress Disallowed Comment Keys validation. This option can be set for a single field, multiple fields, all fields within a form. If the field fails validation it will display an error to the end user stating that their field contains disallowed words.


  • Validate fields against Disallowed Comment Keys.
    Prevent form submissions that include blocked words, phrases, or IPs.
  • Validate against a single field, multiple fields, or all fields.
    Flexible validation to match your form’s needs.
  • Integrates with the built-in WordPress Disallowed Comment Keys.
    Use the same blocklist for both comments and forms.
  • Reject submissions silently with a honeypot.
    Reject entries without notifying the user that their entry has been blocked.