Windows Calculator – Plastic Windows and Doors WordPress Plugin

License: GPL
Updated: 22-03-2023
Version: 9.4.0


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Helps calculate and to select the cost of plastic windows.

It is possible to build mixtures of products, fixed their rates and sizes, establish extra alternatives.

It’s feasible to make an order and to assess total value online.

There is a possibility to receive orders through simple Email or WooCommerce order.

Window calculator will help you

  • Get more new customers (increase the efficiency of your site)
  • Increase the number of successful transactions
  • Increase the number of repeat sales
  • Simplify the work of your managers
  • Increase loyalty of potential customers

Main features:

  • Create as many products as you need
  • Upload any images and add any options for the products
  • On/off flexible price calculation online
  • Get orders or inquiries using a contact form
  • Sell your products using WooCommerce
  • Use the visual editor to combine products you need in the admin part
  • PDF generation possibility

Create products with variations

Easy to create products with required images, prices, and settings.

Product example

Visual editor

You will have two product visual editor types:

Static canvas

Place products on the canvas, use drag and drop and scale to create the required view.

Static canvas example

Dynamic canvas

Grid-based canvas for scaling of the products according to their current sizes.

Dynamic canvas example

Add options

Create any additional options for different types and pricing you want.

Options example